Communication Fluency Course Reflection

Eight weeks ago, I was really nervous about starting graduate school. The online orientation was very overwhelming to me. The weekend before we started I was wondering if I had made the right decision to take online classes. After the orientation, I felt as if the online courses may be more difficult than participating in a tradition classroom setting.

My anxiety quickly settled as I set up my online accounts with ease. I instantly felt as if I was in my element. As the weeks progressed I became more excited about learning each week.

As a creative individual, I loved all things that combined creative writing with the audio/visual elements of the course. As a branding/marketing practitioner, this class has helped me elevate my “branding” game on so many levels. I had been putting off learning how to do podcasts for a solid year. I was astonished at how easy it was to set up my Sound Cloud account and have my first podcast done in under 10 minutes. In December 2015, I was offered an opportunity to pay a celebrity podcaster $300 to teach me how to create one and I often wished I had taken her class until now.

Next, creating the vlogs turned out to be a little more challenging, but once I was able to master adding audio it became much easier and very enjoyable. I recently used this new skill to create a free report for my mailing list. I will be editing it down and reviewing it for errors but you can see the rough draft here:

My least favorite part of the class was writing the paper. I am a creative writer and a recent author ( and I have been told that I have a unique writing style that makes readers want to read the words I write. This style is very casual and not very academic. This tends to get me in trouble with my graduate work. However, I look forward to adding a more polished writing style to my repertoire. Also, I am finally achieving a firm grasp on APA style. I believe this will also make my paper writing less strenuous in the upcoming semesters.

Finally, I have learned so much about the traditions and am excited that I have been able to apply them to real life personal and professional scenarios. I have already changed many of my business practices after my course reading and am seeing very positive results.

I am so glad that I made the choice to come to Queens and even more excited that is was my first class, it made the transition into graduate-level online coursework very manageable and even pleasant.

Rainah Davis

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