Generational Impact on Organizational Change

This digital presentation explores and applies the theories of  Intercultural Communication Ethics to the  challenges that generational differences (Baby Boomers, Generation X and Generation Y (the Millennials) can present to an organization (both internally and externally) to achieve organization success. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of all generations and leveraging that knowledge can reduce workplace dysfunction increase productivity, and lead to greater organizational success. I have witnessed first-hand the difficulty that can occur when these generational components are not understood or properly managed. It is my hope that my presentation will inspire you to do your own research on the characteristics of each generation and begin to educate others. I believe that understanding is the key to producing healthy, non-toxic workplace cultures. I look forward to your feedback.

3 thoughts on “Generational Impact on Organizational Change

  1. Hi Rainah,

    I really enjoyed your presentation because it showed how generational differences can affect nonprofit work. It’s a very important discussion that I feel the majority of organizations need to discuss because this can cause much tension if no attention is brought to these important dynamics. I noticed transitions when it came to age and the ways in which organizational matters changed based on new trends in marketing within an organization that I have worked for. The interns are usually millennials, and when I first started out as an intern most of the staff was from the Baby Boomer generation or from generation X. There was a shift during the three summers that I experienced there where some of the older staff bumped heads with millennials. I believe that your ways of confronting these changes is very admirable because usually when a community of memory is set, especially among an older set of people, then it is more difficult to create a shift that includes everyone. I feel that we need to spend more time talking it out with individuals rather than asserting a right way to do things just because of who we are. We must all accept the differences around us to a degree, and I feel that the Baby Boomer generation has a harder time with doing that from my own experience.

    I also explored similar ideas when it came to theory in my own project with intercultural and organizational communication ethics leading the way. Technology can make a difference in how organizational tasks are handed out, but older generations in your particular case knew how to communicate internally and externally. This shows that there is room for growth and an opportunity to collaborate no matter the age because there are so many advantages on all ends. I would have liked to see the use of the other scholarly sources from your project in your presentation because I am curious to know how this affected your interpretations. Yet, I felt that you used very appropriate material to make your points very clearly. You have provided me with tools to confront the groups of people who I interact with in organizational settings.

    Thank you so much for an awesome and important presentation!



  2. Rainah,
    I like how you touch on how each generation has their differences. In my workplace, we do have a lot of millennials that work within our department. We have had many younger individuals put over those who have more experience and knowledge.  For them I can tell its a shock to see that happening. We did have some disconnect and trouble shifting the culture of our department because everyone coming in was young.
    I agree that we need to be able to make change and adapt especially with our communication. Great presentation and very thoughtful.


  3. Hi, Rainah, I addressed some of this in my project as well! I looked at Millennials and the challenges they face relating to other generations in the workplace. Your project is broader than mine and more personal. I like the points you make and the inclusion of so many text concepts. The addition of the cartoon and photos make the entire presentation inviting and fun.

    I continue to be interested in how we each read the same texts and each receive communication in different ways. I appreciate how you personally applied your experiences to each of the points addressed. You used many concepts from our text and summed up your project well. Great to see that this topic is being addressed.


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